Subramanian Swamy’s bile: A poll for my Indian readers


The national-chauvinist bile that issues forth from the brain of this Harvard-educated man is frightening. He tweeted earlier today:

You get a sense that the Indian ruling elite, especially the demagogues among them, are anxious about the resilience and persistence of the struggle for azadi in Kashmir. The thing just won’t die down. So the claims get more belligerent, more hubristic, as time goes on.

Making the rounds on Facebook is a 2011 video of a rant about Kashmir by this self-appointed editor of “India’s first conservative website” and former Indian Cabinet Minister.  And what’s his solution in Kashmir? Impose President’s rule, send a million armed settlers in and hold it by force. As for Pakistan? Threaten to bomb them.

His rhetoric and attitude reek of the belligerence and arrogance of a colonial official lording it over restless natives. I wonder how much support this sort of political rhetoric has in India. How often do you hear ordinary people (not politicians or media pundits) speaking so aggressively about Kashmir and Pakistan? Have a look at the video (and my rough translation that follows), and then please take the poll at the bottom of this post.

“We have to be clear in our minds that talk of reconciliation (sumjhauta) with Pakistan strengthens terrorism. By bringing it up all the time, we are weakening our own position. Now [J&K Chief Minister] Omar Abdullah says, “Get rid of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act”! Why should we remove it? This sort of talk benefits the terrorists. It is a harsh law, but Abdullah has passed an even harsher law, the Public Safety Act. That act violates more human rights than APSA. So when he talks like this, the [central] government should warn him to shut up, or we’ll impose President’s Rule.

In my opinion in the coming five years in Kashmir there should be President’s Rule. Second, the army should be given charge of administration. And in place of the five lakh Kashmiri pandits who have been driven out of there, we should send ten lakh former soldiers–we have ten lakh former soldiers–give them weapons and money, and send them to go and settle in Kashmir.

We will not give one inch of Kashmir, whether to Pakistan or China. If they can’t get it today through war, they’ll take it tomorrow. We have to be determined, because the terrorists are benefiting from our weakness (dhilapan) on this issue. They think that just as we gave up Pakistan, we’ll give up Kashmir too. We have to remove this from our minds. We will never leave Kashmir. Those who want to go to Pakistan, can go; we’ll give them a free ticket. But if you are going to be in Hindustan … this is an inseparable part (atoot hissa) [of India].

And what is this about “Muslim majority”? By lineage, I am a Kashyap, and it was Rishi Kashyap who birthed Kashmir. So first it is mine, after that it can go to those who’ve come later. All this is the result of our weak nationalism. Otherwise, why speak to Pakistan at all? There’s no need to talk to Pakistan. We should just tell them, you assholes (salah) shut down the camps, or we’ll shut them down with bombs. That’s the warning/threat (dhamki) that we should give them.”

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