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Bangalorean at heart, professor of English and post-colonial studies at work, always-aspiring socialist intellectual in the belly of the beast.


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  1. the new wave says:


    We have gone through your comment on a Maoist blog where they put quotes of Lenin against Trotsky, the old bogus handiwork of Stalinists/Maoists. You have rightly criticized them for this. Even on the issue of party one cannot ignore that after April 1917, the doors of Bolshevik party were thrown open for mass recruitment of workers, and after that the Bolshevik Party was already a mass workers party and thus the dispute between Lenin and Trotsky on the composition of party was resolved by the abrupt turn and geenral advance of history itself. Rest you know how Lenin in April thesis switched over to the position of Trotsky.

    We will like to know more about you! Have you checked our site?

    • leftyprof says:

      Hello, New Wave!

      Yes, indeed I have checked out your site, and and have been following it on and off these past few months. I’ve been away from my blog for several months now, and just logged in to post my first entry in months, when I saw your recent comment!