As of August 24, 2010

Pakistan Flood Relief Planning Meeting, NYC

Dear friends,

You are invited to a planning meeting to discuss and initiate grassroots-oriented fundraising in NY/NJ for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan

When: 6:00-8:00pm, Friday, August 27
Where: Brecht Forum

Draft Agenda (Proposal)
(< 2 hrs.)

1. Brief situation update (10-15 mins.)

Please bring along any information you’d like to share with others: news reports, blogs, personal communications and anecdotes, news from family or friends in Pakistan, and so forth.

2. Fundraising: “Solidarity” or “Charity”? Why does it matter? (20 mins.)

Before we undertake any fundraising we would like to clarify for ourselves the mission, purpose, and beneficiaries of our efforts. This would also be a good time for us to discuss what we want to achieve as a group. So please come to the meeting with your ideas and suggestions.

3. Planning ahead (60 mins.)

The bulk of our meeting will be devoted to: Events, Outreach, Publicity, Education, Statement/Handouts/Press Releases, etc. Please offer your ideas and proposals!

4. Internal networking (10 mins.)

Next meeting: time, place? Listserve?

We hope you can make it! Please help spread the word among your coworkers, friends, family, students, and online social networks.

For more information please contact
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