Ganesh Lal Archives

Links to older articles by me elsewhere on the web. Many of these articles were written under the pseudonym Ganesh Lal.

Crushing Defeat for India’s Right Wing
An analysis of the 2004 elections that appeared in Socialist Worker and Dissident Voice.

Report from the World Social Forum 2004 in Mumbai
Co-authored with David Whitehouse for Socialist Worker.

“Fighting for an Independent Kashmir: An Interview with Yasin Malik”
I traveled to Srinagar in January 2004, and with the help of California-based activist Akhila Raman, got in touch with Yasin Malik, Chairman of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF).
ISR (International Socialist Review) Issue 37, September–October 2004

The Politics of Neoliberalism in India: An Interview with Achin Vanaik
International Socialist Review (ISR) Issue 33, January–February 2004

Behind the Crisis in Sri Lanka
Written in 2003 for Socialist Worker as the peace process began to unravel.

No to Occupation? A Debate in the Antiwar Movement
This one is from the archives of Znet. It was written a full week before George Bush’s infamous “Mission Accomplished” speech of May 1, 2003, and subsequently found its way onto numerous other sites. Thus, even before the occupation of Iraq had formally begun, the antiwar movement was already conceding ground to a “white man’s burden” logic. As it turned out, the antiwar movement continued to decline and stagnate over the coming year, unable to respond to the formal “cessation of hostilities.”

Interview with Rachel Corrie’s mother
A Socialist Worker interview with Cindy Corrie, whose courageous daughter was murdered by the Israeli military for defending the home of a Palestinian family that was being demolished to make way for an illegal Israeli “settlement.”

Election Nightmare in Gujarat
On Narendra Modi’s election victory following the state-sponsored anti-Muslim pogroms earlier that year, Znet, December 2002.

India, Pakistan, and the Question of Kashmir
Co-authored with Deepa Kumar (Dina Roy) and David Whitehouse for the International Socialist Review, this is more of a position paper than an historical or analytical piece.

India: Ripped off by Enron
Socialist Worker | February 15, 2002 | Pages 6 – 7