India’s War on the Poor

“The state has unleashed a virtual war on people.”

Gautam Navlakha and Arundhati Roy spoke at a public forum in Mumbai earlier this year about Operation Green Hunt, the Indian government’s brutal military action against adivasi and peasant resistance to neoliberal land-grabs. “This is war we’re talking about; not a police action,” says Navlakha, in a passionate speech outlining the real consequences of Operation Green Hunt. Both Navlakha and Roy spent several days with the tribals and Maoists; Roy wrote about her experiences eloquently in “Walking with the comrades.” Roy’s essays have sparked a vigorous debate on the Indian left, with prominent left intellectuals taking Roy to task for what they saw as her support for Maoism per se.

More on these and other “critiques” of Roy in a future post. For now, watch these videos if you want to learn more about Operation Green Hunt and the context in which this civil war is being waged.

The Introduction is powerful enough:

To watch the rest of the forum, click here.